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Brandveiligheid (Handboek ontwerp staalconstructies)

57,49 (54,24 VAT excl)

In the first three chapters of this book, the subject of fire safety and the calculation of the fire resistance of steel structures for buildings according to Eurocode 3 is addressed. Finally, chapter 4 contains thirteen design tables.

The book is written in Dutch. There is also a French version.


Construction mixte (Manuel pour la conception de structures en acier)

29,15 (27,50 VAT excl)

This book deals with and comments on the calculation rules of Eurocode 4, applicable to steel-concrete structures.

Due to its form and content, this book is extremely suitable for use as a handbook in higher education. In addition, this book is a very useful tool for engineering and control agencies, as well as a guide for all those involved in the construction world.

The book is written in French. There is also a Dutch version.